Proven Method

The CleanLight method is a fine-tuned version of UVC specific for plants’ surface, and the air in your grow room.

Easy To Use

Applying a treatment of 3 seconds, once per day on the plant’s surface, is sufficient.

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Short introduction to CleanLight

Proven Method

The CleanLight method is a fine-tuned version of UVC specific for plants’ surface, and the air in your grow room.


Free FedEx Shipping

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Legally Allowed

The use of CleanLight products is allowed on all sorts of cultivation.

Easy To Use

Applying a treatment of 3 seconds, once per day on the plant’s surface, is sufficient.


Usable at Post-Harvest

Because CleanLight does not leave residues, you can apply it until harvest.


Biological Treatment

Without the usage of pesticides or residues, it improves the quality of your plants.

Improve your plants quality

CleanLight makes sure our plants receive the additional supplement of UVc light, which they do not receive from grow lamps.

Bejo Seeds

It's as if my plants are on steroids! Apply CleanLight 2-3 times a day and you will definitely see the wonderful results as we did.

I am very pleased with the CleanLight unit. It saved a run previous and I used the unit as a preventative measure on the last one with no signs of mold or mildew. I prefer it to spraying anything on the plants themselves as I like to maintain the 'clean' concept and this is the reason I run indoor hydroponics.


CleanLight USA

Fight Powdery Mildew Successfully

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Please note that excessive exposure to UV light can be hazardous to your health. The ACGIH has determined safe levels of UV exposure for North American workers. Provided the CleanLight equipment is used according to instructions, exposure levels remain in the safe zone.

CleanLight Air

The CleanLight Air is a professional grower grade air filtration system that fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi in your grow room. Designed, tested, and manufactured in the European Union, the CleanLight Air is made of high-quality components.

CleanLight Pro

The CleanLight Pro is both a preventative and curative treatment for powdery mildew and botrytis. All the user has to do is sweep the CleanLight Pro slowly across the architecture of the plant. Use the CleanLight Pro every day until the powdery mildew and botrytis have subsided.

CleanLight Hobby Unit

The CleanLight Hobby Unit is strong enough to kill powdery mildew on the surface of your plants without stressing them. If possible, growers should use the product every day to prevent the spread of powdery mildew and botrytis.

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“Using the CleanLight technology on a daily basis results in mildew- and budrot-free yields, which is very important to ensure the quality of medical grade cannabis plants.”
~ Thomas, Serious Seeds

“I am so happy to have such an effective tool against powdery mildew!”
~ K. Cavanaugh, Oregon

“It makes the use of chemicals or other sprays unnecessary and it is a great tool usable in all stages.”
~ Daniel, Flowery Field


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Independence of pesticides

Residues left on your precious plants

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