Corona made sure that companies have to be flexible. How do you deal with current hygiene regulations? Many companies have a Plan B, but what do you do as an organization if that plan also has to change in the future? That is why Staples Solutions developed a Plan C.

Staples Solutions’ Plan C guides tailor-made products and solutions designed to prepare everyone for a safe return to work. Plan C uses three main pillars developed according to international guidelines to develop a safe, clean, and connected work environment for teams and customers.

Are you in the office or another physical work environment? As an organization, you should consider the 1.5-meter distance and necessary hygiene regulations for the workplace. There is an extensive range for this, including the necessary floor stickers, signs, disinfectants, and freestanding dispensers. The new normal in contact and cooperation ensures that meeting spaces also need to provide the correct navigation and signaling. And for the continuation of personal meetings, the range offers various (splash) screens and disinfecting UV-C lamps.

UV-C technology

UV-C lamps are one of the latest hygiene technologies. These lamps ensure that air and surfaces are cleaned. The UV-C light kills 99.9% of the bacteria present. These lamps are often used in hospitals to disinfect tools and/or areas. Multiple UV-C light studies have proven that these light waves penetrate the cell walls to destroy microorganisms’ DNA, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

This article is a translation of a Dutch article published on www.facilitairjournaal.nl.

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