Easy To Use.

“Applying a treatment of 3 seconds, once per day on the plant’s surface, is sufficient.

Treatment with CleanLight aims to kill the baby fungus before it makes spores before it penetrates your plant before the fungus is visible to the naked eye.

This treatment does not kill the spores. Think of it in the same evil, cynical way in which certain emperors and Pharaos did in historical times: They killed the baby boys of certain ethnic groups before those boys could defend themselves before they were able to procreate.

Look No Further. Order your solution for Powdery Mildew now!

Made with care and expertise
CleanLight Air

Perfect for all rooms. 24/7

air filtration device.

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CleanLight Hobby Unit

Perfect for small to medium

growers. 6 or less plants.

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CleanLight Pro

Perfect for medium to large

growers. 6 or more plants.

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CleanLight Water Purifier 12

Safe water for hydroponic growers.

runs as long as your water circulates.

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