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Stop Powdery Mildew without using chemicals!

Proven method killing Powdery Mildew on plants

UVC has been used for decades to sterilize operating rooms, drinking water, and food processing plants; this is due to the germicidal properties of the UVC. The CleanLight method is a fine-tuned version of UVC specific for plants’ surface and the air in your grow room. CleanLight USA currently offers three products to the North American market: CleanLight Hobby Unit, CleanLight Pro, and CleanLight Air.

The CleanLight Hobby Unit and CleanLight Pro

Both units kill powdery mildew, botrytis, other fungi, bacteria, and viruses on plants’ surfaces. CleanLight’s engineers have designed these products to be strong enough to kill these unwanted pests without harming your plants. To treat your plants with these two products, sweep the units across your plant’s architecture.

The Clean Light Air kills airborne pests in your grow room

The UVC technology found in the CleanLight Air is different from the CleanLight Hobby Unit or CleanLight Pro. Since CleanLight Air does not treat your plants’ surface and is enclosed, it is much more powerful. This allows the unit to kill airborne spores before they reach your plants. The unit also has a filter for airborne particles and an air ionizer. These two functions work with the UVC lamp to further clean the air in your grow room.

The CleanLight Water Purifier 12

The CleanLight Water Purifier 12: Safe water for hydroponic growers.

Eliminates fungus spores and other diseases from your water without using toxic pesticides.

Safe for plants. Safe for plant-food. In fact, this is the same technology, by Philips, that some cities are now using to disinfect water without chlorine.

Easy to install, runs as long as your water circulates.

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