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Ebm-Papst Fan

The German made emb-papst 4400 fan was built using state of the art technologies. The vanes are fitted with winglets resulting in noise reduction. The intelligence built-into motor makes the fan economical to operate.

3M High Air Flow Filter

The 3M High Air Flow filter traps particles floating around in the air. A special antimicrobial layer prevents bacteria, viruses and fungus from growing on the filter.

CleanLight 60 Watt XL Lamp

Big box store purification systems have small UVC lamps with low wattage. The CleanLight Air has a 60 Watt, 16 inch, CleanLight XL Lamp. The aluminum housing of the CleanLight Air helps to increase the efficiency of the lamp by up to fifty percent.


The timer allows you to set the CleanLight Air to operate at your desired speed. The timer also wards you when it is time to replace the various components of the system.

Not a “Big box” store air purification system

The CleanLight Air is a professional grower grade air filtration system that fights bacteria, viruses, and fungi in your grow room. Designed, tested, and manufactured in the European Union, the CleanLight Air is made of high quality components.
The CleanLight Air treats areas up to 100 cubic meters or around 3500 cubic feet. The square footage this equates to varies depending on the size of your ceiling. This will treat 437 square feet in grow rooms with ceilings of eight feet high.

Not a “Big box” store air purification system

The CleanLight Air combats airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi with mechanisms: A specialized high power UVC lamp, partcle filter and negative ion generator.

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