CleanLight. A Proven Method.

“The CleanLight method is a fine-tuned version of UVC specific for plants’ surface, and the air in your grow room.”

“Normal” UV bulbs give off many forms of UV radiation. So, when you use a “normal” UV lamp, the plant receives a phenomenal dosage. The plant says, “Ouch.”

The fine-tuned UV lamps by CleanLight, are called UV Crop Protectors. They only give off the light frequency you need to kill mildew: Faster results and no “collateral damage” to the plant.

Also, the Crop Protectors are equipped with a specially developed parabolic reflector. The effect is that the UV light turns diffuse. So, it penetrates much better in between your plants than a simple UV lamp would.

Look No Further. Order your solution for Powdery Mildew now!

Made with care and expertise
CleanLight Air

Perfect for all rooms. 24/7

air filtration device.

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CleanLight Hobby Unit

Perfect for small to medium

growers. 6 or less plants.

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CleanLight Pro

Perfect for medium to large

growers. 6 or more plants.

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CleanLight Water Purifier 12

Safe water for hydroponic growers.

runs as long as your water circulates.

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