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“Using the CleanLight technology on a daily basis results in mildew- and budrot-free yields, which is very important to ensure the quality of medical grade cannabis plants.”

~ Thomas, Serious Seeds

“I am so happy to have such an effective tool against powdery mildew!”

~ K. Cavanaugh, Oregon

“It makes the use of chemicals or other sprays unnecessary and it is a great tool usable in all stages.”

~ Daniel, Flowery Field

Why our customers love CleanLight


Proven Method

The CleanLight method is a fine tuned version of UVC specific for the surface of plants and the air in your grow room


Easy To Use

You only have to apply a treatment of 3 seconds on the plants surface


Free UPS Shipping

Your order will reach your doorstep within 1-3 working days, if the product is in stock.


Legally Allowed

The use of CleanLight products is allowed on all sorts of cultivation


Usable at Post-Harvest

Because CleanLight does not leave residues, it can be used until harvest


Biological Treatment

No use of pesticides which lower quality of your plants, and no residues

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