UV-c crop protection uses a specific nanometer of 254nm. This UV-c nanometer is very effective against fungi and bacteria. This same nanometer is being used for 40-50 years in water disinfection and air disinfection. It has been proven the most effective and efficient nanometer to damage and destroy micro-organisms. 

A very low UV-dose will not have a negative effect on the plants, but the micro-organisms are damaged. The effect against fungi like powdery mildew and botrytis can be quickly seen. After a couple of UV-treatments a fungus like powdery mildew will turn grey, blackish and eventually die off. 

What is exactly the effect of UV-light against a fungus?

CleanLight UV-c light is very effective to prevent, but also cure plants from different types of fungi. The low dose of UV-c light damages the mycelium part of the fungus. This is the baby fungus which is the first stage of a fungus. By damaging this mycelium / hyphae part, it can’t develop any further. Repeat this treatment frequently, at least 3x per week and you keep interrupting the lifecycle of the fungus. 

UV-c crop protection

Pure natural sunlight

Just like the sun which emits UV-c light, that low UV-c dose controls and reduces the growth of fungi and bacteria outside. Most of the UV-c light is filtered out by the ozone layer, however, depending on the season and country, UV-c light still reaches the earth. 

To restore this natural process of controlling fungi and bacteria in greenhouses or indoor rooms, it is critical to add the UV-c spectrum. Most types of glass filter out the UV-c part of the light, for indoor rooms this of course no question. 

CleanLight UV-c crop protection

CleanLight developed this UV-c crop protection technology in 2005 for commercial applications. Therefore,, the CleanLight UV-systems are always moving systems. Either in the form of UV-handcarts or UV-booms. In short, just like the sun does, this way the control and penetration into the crop is much better. 

Next to larger commercial applications for greenhouse growers, CleanLight also developed UV-handheld units for hobby growers. These handhelds units are currently being distributed through a vast network of dealers in North America. 

More information:

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