Stricter pesticide regulations force growers to use alternative methods:

With regulations for the use of pesticides becoming stricter by the day, greenhouse growers have fewer tools available to keep their crop healthy in a responsible way. Especially for problems with powdery mildew, growers are eagerly looking for new innovations that either outperform current solutions, or can replace crop protection products that have been strictly regulated or outlawed.

One of the methods that many growers are now adopting is treating their crops with UV light. According to Shane Hutto from Horticultural Solutions, this method gets more popular by the day as growers are achieving good results with it.

“Since states like Colorado are regulating pesticides and recalling products, many growers approach us with their problems. We knew that many professional Dutch greenhouse growers have been successfully tackling their mould problems with UV technology for a couple of years now, hence we wanted to introduce the technology over here as well.”

CleanLight against Powdery Mildew
Horticultural Solutions approached the inventor of the technology, CleanLight, in order to set up several trials at North American growers. Hutto explained that almost every grower that applied the CleanLight method immediately achieved good results in the trial stage.

“We have done a lot of trials. All of the growers that we have worked with have seen positive results. Some really love it and some wanted to do more trials, but overall every grower we have installed a UV treatment system for has come back to us and bought more installations.”

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CleanLight and medicinal cannabis

In the United States is medicinal cannabis legalized in several states. A lot of growers see some opportunities en they start with a grow tent for cannabis. To protect your crops against mildew it isn’t allowed to use pesticide or whatever cause it is harmful for your crops and for the people who use it. The alternative is CleanLight! We have an organic way of protection your crops against different kind of diseases. Like the article said, a lot of growers in America see that it works. When do you see it?